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Virtual Teams, Project Management, and Productivity

The Couch Manager is a blog about working remotely.

If you work with a team that’s mostly virtual, then this blog is for you – it focuses on tips to help you manage your job or small business more effectively from your couch.

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The Power of Writing Things Down [Video]

There's a power in writing things down. In this video, I discuss a lesson-learned from an old hidden camera TV show, where producers placed a fake sign between Pennsylvania and Delaware that read ... Read More


Clarity and efficiency of communication is paramount in a virtual environment and Hassan has honed in on the key tactics that will make a big difference.
Tom Moor
Tom Moor
Co-founder of Sqwiggle and Buffer
With the increasing dependency on and operation of virtual teams, utilizing Hassan’s tips will differentiate between good and great managers.
Marjon Dean
Marjon Dean
Global Business Manager at Microsoft
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